Is Sending Flowers to a Funeral Appropriate?

If you’ve ever attended a funeral, you’ve likely noticed a wide assortment of flower arrangements in various spots throughout the funeral home. Fresh flower bouquets may also be seen in the homes of folks who have lost a loved one. Funeral flowers are intended to provide respect, consolation, and cheer to people who are grieving.

Many people are hesitant to send flowers because they are unfamiliar with correct etiquette or the kind of floral arrangements that are acceptable. One thing to keep in mind is that any bloom can be used. Most florists have expertise with funerals and can gladly advise you if you need help picking an arrangement.

Yes, you should send flowers if you so desire. You can have them delivered to the funeral home or the deceased’s family’s house. You can choose from a variety of funeral floral arrangements at most florists, but there’s nothing wrong with sending a more personalized arrangement.

You can send flowers on your own or organize a larger, more sophisticated arrangement with others. This can be done by coworkers, club members, or small groups of close friends.

If you can’t make it to the funeral, send flowers to let the family know you’re thinking about them. During this tough moment, they will appreciate your thoughts and feelings.

If the family has requested that a donation be made to a charity, you should comply. You should still give the family a sympathy card.

Floral Arrangements and Their Types

Flowers for funerals vary by area, custom, and personal preference. You can choose from a choice of funeral wreaths or a lovely arrangement in a bowl or vase. The flowers will usually be sent to the funeral home so that they can be seen during the visitation. They’ll also transport them to the burial for the funeral or later.

Here are some helpful hints for special funeral floral requirements:

  • For a casket, lay a spray of larger, more dramatic flowers over the coffin. Family members frequently contribute casket sprays.
  • Standing sprays – For the stands in the funeral home, large flowers that can be seen from across the room are appropriate.
  • Arrangements for the family to take home – If you know a family member’s favorite flower, including it as the main point in an arrangement is usually a wonderful gesture. To make it more appealing, fill it in with complementary flowers.
  • Choose live flowers and plants that a family member can take home and replant in her garden as an alternative. This will help to keep her deceased loved one’s memory alive.
  • For the funeral of a deceased child, a smaller arrangement is more fitting. To avoid overpowering the casket, use something light and wispy. To avoid overpowering the casket, use something light and wispy. To avoid overpowering the casket, use something light and wispy. 

Messages of Condolence

  • If you give flowers, include a brief letter of condolence with them. Here are some ideas for what you could write:
  • During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • Please accept our heartfelt condolences.
  • We’re hoping that knowing how much [name of the deceased] was respected and loved would bring you some peace.
  • We will always remember [deceased’s name] for her kindness and generosity.
  • He will always be in our hearts.
  • During this difficult time, we wish you peace and comfort.

When Should You Send Flowers?

You can send flowers to the deceased’s family at any time. If you’re sending them to a funeral home, make sure they get there on the day of the funeral and as soon as possible. You should check with the funeral home to see what their policy is about receiving flowers.

Sending flowers to family members’ homes is never too early or too late. An early arrangement will bring a smile to your face at this difficult period. Whether or not you sent flowers to the funeral, you may want to send or deliver flowers to the family a few weeks or months afterwards to demonstrate that you are still thinking of them.

Donation to a Charitable Organization

In lieu of flowers, some people may prefer a donation to a charity. Honor this by sending a note to the deceased’s relatives informing them of the situation. They will be grateful for the gift that will benefit someone else.