Eternal Guardian (Preserved) – Code 11


Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like to have an angel to fall back to whenever I’m down and then I remember that you’re just like an eternal guardian of mine. You will be there for me when I really need something out of my hands. Thank you, Mom.

Item Description:

  • Preserved Rose
  • Preserved Foliage
  • Preserved Hydrangea

Bell Jar Dimensions: 14(D) * 19(H)cm

Care Instructions
  • Avoid direct sunlight and water
  • Place flowers in a cool & dry environment
  • Humidity levels best between 40%-60%, temperature best below 35°C
  • If flowers are wet/damp, place in an air-conditioned area overnight. It will return to its normal state in 4-8 hours.
  • An air dehumidifier works excellently for above cases

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